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Authorized Dealer of Carlisle Brakes

We are an Authorized Distributor of Carlisle Brake & Friction. Carlisle is the leading global provider
of high performance braking solutions in the mining, construction, agricultural, military, and industrial markets.

Carlisle caliper brakes are found on the leading equipment brands

The industry leader in mining brake system solutions

Carlisle understands the complex requirements of mobile mining equipment and consistently remains in the braking technology forefront by adapting to changes throughout the industry, expanding our technology envelope and ultimately providing superior solutions to world-class OEMs.

Mining Applications

Solutions for the Mining & Aggregate

Solutions for the Mining & Aggregate

Rugged Industrial Model LKB spring-set, air-released brakes and Model LK clutches are used for controlled engagement, holding, and emergency stopping on drag winches, rope hoists, rotary positioning systems, crowd motion and propel motion on electric rope shovels and draglines.

The industry leader in mining brake system solutions

Wichita Clutch, founded in 1949, is a leading global designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty clutches and brakes that are essential components in industrial process equipment. Backed by extensive application experience, Wichita engineers utilize the latest design technologies and materials to provide innovative clutch and brake solutions that precisely meet their customer’s most demanding requirements.

Heavy duty Wichita LI-SSB low-inertia, spring-set brakes are used on crushers and inclined and overland conveyors. Wichita standard vent clutches provides long lasting, reliable performance on ball and sag mills and blast hole drills.

Brake Solutions

Wichita and Industrial Clutch are used on: