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Machining and Fabrication

Custom Machined and Heat-Treated Parts and Component Assemblies

Antofagasta Parts distributes under the brand OPM USA (Original Parts Manufacturing USA). OPM USA is manufacturer of custom machined and heat-treated parts and component assemblies for heavy-duty industrial applications. We provide engineering and metallurgical expertise, combined with state-of-the-art machining capabilities, to solve the toughest power transmission and material handling equipment problems faced by our customers throughout the world in steel mills, aluminum mills, power generation, pulp & paper, mineral processing, and other industries throughout the world. Large gear manufacturing up to 40 ft. (12M) diameter with 150 ton crane capacity

Whatever your industry, whatever your application

if you call for rugged, long-lasting, high quality parts... We Are Your Partner.

Mining Applications

Our Goal

To provide the highest quality products, with the longest life and the least amount of maintenance and replacement downtime.

Our History

OPM has a long history of providing quality gearing, new and repaired gearboxes, and crane components which also extends into the mineral processing industry. Whether you are processing Copper, Coal, Limestone, Coal, Cement or any other aggregate product, OPM has the answer for these tough, abrasive applications.

Calling on the metallurgical and engineering expertise it has provided for over 100 years, OPM is known for providing high quality replacement
components that exceed original equipment for all types of demanding applications.

OPM can also provide failure analysis and reverse engineering of components and recommend specific improvements for upgrading the performance of your existing equipment.

Our Capabilities

  • Gears up to 24 ft. (7.3m) in diameter and 287 in.
  • Grinding to AGMA Class 14
  • In-house heat treating and carburizing up to 50,000 lbs. (22,000 kg)
  • Induction hardening to 5m in diameter or 30,000 lbs. (13,000 kg)
  • Quality measurements within 2 microns

We have repaired almost every type of gear and gearbox in the mining industry for over a century. Whatever your toughest gearing challenges, we have a solution to repair and improve your mining gear equipment to last longer and increase productivity. Our on-site condition monitoring service will accurately diagnose potential problems.

Reduce Your Maintenance Expense

We provide new and reconditioned industrial Gearboxes, replacement Gearing, Crane Wheels, Gear Couplings, Universal Joints, and Mill Rolls of all kinds. Our products provide more predictable wear and reduce your maintenance expense.